How Skio helped Heights slash cancellations by 152%



Industry: Health and wellness supplements

“Skio cares about customers. That’s important because you can grow better together.” - Julietta Contoguris, Head of Product and Customer Experience, Heights

KPI improvements since migrating to Skio:

  • 152% Increase in saved cancellations
  • 100% Overall growth in subscribers

Growing a subscription-based business in the relentless ecommerce world requires a tech stack built to last. 

Heights, a dynamic UK-based business, understands this better than most.

Challenges loomed large with their previous subscription provider. Support was lacking, and essential features like multi-currency and Shopify checkout were missing, hindering their ambitious growth plans.

But then, a game-changer arrived. See how Skio helped Heights transform its subscription business.

Bold ambitions require bold moves

With their previous partner, Heights says the service—from support to senior leadership—was insufficient. 

“We wanted to grow the brand, expand to new territories, and treat our customers better. We couldn’t continue with our provider and achieve our goals.” - Julietta Contoguris 

Heights needed a change, so they conducted a thorough tech stack evaluation to find the ideal partner, which turned out to be Skio.

“They have a brilliant value proposition. It's clear what they’re out to do—stop having headaches with subscriptions. That’s one of the reasons I spoke to them versus others. Skio understands the issues merchants care about.” - Julietta Contoguris

A subscription cancellation breakthrough

Reducing subscription cancellations was imperative, so Heights used Skio’s conditional cancellation flow to keep customers satisfied and subscribed. 

“Since we introduced ‘pause’ and ‘delay,’ we’ve seen a 152% increase in overall cancellation deflections.” - Holly Passmore, Product Manager, Heights

What’s more, Heights has also seen fewer support requests.

“Since partnering with Skio, we’ve noticed a drop in customers needing help with managing their subscriptions.” - Julietta Contoguris

Along with the cancellation flow feature, Heights found Skio’s automation, volume discount, customization, and analytics features to be game changers, too. 

How Heights and Skio established a genuine partnership

Heights and Skio share a similar ethos—both have small teams, work hard, and punch above their weight. 

To Heights, Skio isn’t just a software platform—they’re a partner.

“The collaboration—including calls and a dedicated CSM for scenario planning, product launches, and more—is a standout benefit of working with Skio. Finding this level of collaboration is incredibly rare. I value working with real people because, at our company's scale, every customer truly matters.” - Julietta Contoguris

Businesses can't avoid issues, but how you handle them can be why customers stay or leave. 

“Skio’s always open to hearing feedback, and they’ll work with you to make changes to features if necessary. They don’t forget about the problems you're trying to solve or the opportunities you're trying to develop together.” - Holly Passmore

How Skio helped Heights elevate their business

Skio's features, support, and collaborative and customer-centric spirit have been instrumental in reshaping Heights' subscription business. 

Not only has Skio helped Heights reduce cancellations and customer support inquiries, but Heights reports overall subscribers are up by approximately 100%. 

For those struggling with subscription woes, Julietta offers this advice.

“Nobody will relate to you better than someone who’s experienced pain with the same provider. Speak to someone who’s moved on and found greener pastures on the other side like we have.” - Julietta Contoguris 

With their partnership, Heights is well-positioned to meet their ongoing growth and expansion goals while sustaining their beloved brand.

Ready to get more subscribers without ripping your hair out?

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